Thursday, 6 December 2007

Tick tock

See, I told you it was olive green and gold! I finished it this morning whilst sitting in my dressing gown feeling rather ropey. I think I ate far too much last night and haven't been drinking enough water... The gold circles represent gold coins, which I really associate with Christmas but not really with advent calendars. (But I did put them in the wall hanging adventy thing for the (new) man. It's got a few lovey dovey notes and a pair of glorious plum cufflinks for 12th. Halfway 'til Christmas and the day we met in September - see how new it all is?) I've been reading a book called Journal Revolution (I'll check that), and it talks about using acrylic paints and caps and old credit cards to make marks on your journaling, which is what I was trying out here. It looks OK, but I want a bit more going on really. Under the brown envelopes, which are housing tags with the journaling, there are pictures of gold coins and a bit more space if the mood takes me.

Lumpy leg Lola is feeling much better and has a clean bill of health from the vet. She's also been hunting the mouse I found in the kitchen this morning. I'm not sure how it got in, or who brought it, but it was sitting behind the wine rack trying to ignore Lola, who seemed to want to play...

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