Sunday, 2 December 2007

Day two

With my haste to post and to get stuff up, I didn't say anything about yesterday's page! It's an 8x8 (page protectors or not is the thing that I'm obsessing about at the moment - it's almost the equivalent of having the plastic covers on the sofa, and that's not me. In fact, thinking about it like this has made my choice, I'm going upstairs to take them out and to punch holes in my pages...Oooh, but does that then mean I've got to do teh backs of page?! Hmmm didn't think this one through.) Yesterday's page was lovely Basic Grey paper, some stamps and a bit of doodling. Marvellous.

Today's is something totally different for me. It's not me. It's bright and shiney and uncluttered and fresh. Hey, if I'm going to do something different in doing the journal, I'll do something different on the pages too. So, this is a snowflake from Kaffe Fassett fabric and was going to be put on a stripy, linen stocking, which I've not got around to making yet. I'll have to cut another out before I get stuck into the sewing again. Lots of lovely drops of acrylic paint have done the job too. They are beautifully irredescent (?sp).

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